The Government of Uganda has designed the “Investing in Forest and protected Areas for Climate Smart Development Project”, (The Project), that will be financed by the International Development Association (World Bank) and Government of Uganda.  Preparation of The Project is led by the Ministry of Water and Environment, together with the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities, Uganda Wildlife Authority, and the National Forestry Authority. The project aims to improve sustainable management of forests and protected areas and increase benefits from forests and protected areas in the target landscapes.

The Project recognizes the importance of rights and interests of the Vulnerable and Marginalized Groups according to the requirements of Environmental and Social Standard (ESS)7, on (Indigenous Peoples in Sub-Saharan Africa Historically Undeserved Traditional Local Communities which addresses the needs of distinct, vulnerable, social and cultural groups, such as the Batwa) and on the applicable policies, laws and regulations of Uganda.

This Vulnerable and Marginalized Groups Framework document is therefore intended to guide the preparation of the The Project interventions that may affect vulnerable and marginalized groups in the targeted project areas.

The Investing in Forest and protected Areas for Climate Smart Development Project preparation builds on the national REDD+ Readiness processes during which a national REDD+ Strategy and National Forest Plan (FIP) were prepared, through a wider stakeholder consultation process. The National REDD+ Strategy includes 8 REDD+ Strategy Options which have formed the basis for identifying appropriate interventions to be supported by the Project. Investment Project #1 of the FIP has been designed to be implemented as IFPA-CD project.