Directorate of Environment Affairs

JWESSP-II 2018-2023

The Joint Water and Environment Sector Support Programme (JWESSP) phase two 2018 - 2023 is a successor to the JWESSP 2013 – 2018 and builds on its achievements. The JWESSP phase two will be implemented by the Government of Uganda, represented by the Ministry of Water and Environment, with harmonised support from the water and environment sector Development Partners. The programme will help the sector to achieve its targets and improve its performance through consistent and harmonised support that is aligned to government objectives, policies and delivery modalities.

Uganda Wetlands Atlas

An area of  land that is permanently or seasonally saturated with water is known as a wetland. In Uganda these include marshes, swamps and bogs. Wetlands occur all over Uganda and cover an  area of  11 per cent of  the land area.


This document is an Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) for the “Building Resilient Communities and Ecosystems through Restoration of Wetlands and Associated Catchments in Uganda” proposal submitted to the Green Climate Fund for funding.  The project will provide the restoration and rehabilitation of wetlands, improved agricultural practices and alternative livelihood options in the wetland catchment; and strengthening access to climate and early warning information to farmers and other target communities to support wetland management.