Forest Sector Support Department


Forest Sector Support Department (FSSD) is a department under the Ministry of Water and Environment and is the technical arm of the Ministry on all forestry matters. FSSD is directly under the Directorate of Environmental Affairs and is charged with managing and overseeing forest sector development in Uganda. The department works hand in hand with other players in the forestry sector namely; National Forestry Authority, District Forestry Services, Civil Society Organizations and private sector in implementing projects, programs and plans in the sector. FSSD provides support to the forestry sector on range of aspects including forest policy planning and formulation, technical backstopping of the district forest services, sector co-ordination, regulation of trade in forest products, gazettement. The department also routinely engages in resource mobilization entire sector, and supervision of forestry projects and programmes in local governments.


The Vision of the forestry sector in Uganda is, “A sufficiently forested, ecologically stable and economically prosperous Uganda”


FSSD’s mission is to ‘‘effectively co-ordinate, guide and supervise Uganda’s forestry sector and contribute to the rational and sustainable utilization, development, effective management, safeguard of forestry resources, for social welfare and economic development.’’


The functions of the FSSD contribute to the national goal of “An integrated forest sector that achieves sustainable increases in economic, social and environmental benefits from forests and trees by all the people of Uganda, especially the poor and vulnerable”.

Policy, Legal and Regulatory Framework governing the Forest Sector

The governing legal instrument for the sector is the National Forestry and Tree Planting Act (NFTPA) of 2003 and identifies and empowers FSSD as a strategic player with an elaborate and clear mandate in the sector. The FSSD mandate is supported and enshrined in sections 46, 47, 49-51 of the National Forestry and Tree Panting Act (2003). The NFTPA (2003) also established two players in the sector namely; National Forestry Authority and District Forestry Services which FSSD will work with in developing the forestry sector in Uganda.