Site inspection of the progress of on-going works for the construction of Kiwoko-Butalangu Towns WSSP

The Water and Sanitation Development Facility-Central (WSDF-C) joined Central Umbrella of Water and Sanitation Authority (CUWSA) to host the Member of Parliament for Nakaseke district and Chairperson for Committee on Natural Economy Hon.Saida Bumba at the third site inspection aimed at assessing the progress of on-going works for the construction of Kiwoko-Butalangu Towns Water Supply and Sanitation System.
Present during inspection were the Mayor Butalangu,Deputy Chief Administrative Officer, Senior Asst.Town Clerk,Vice Chairperson Butalangu and Kiwoko,Water Committee, Asst.District Health Officer,Town Clerk and Senior Community Development Officer who thereafter proceeded for a site meeting held at Butalangu district headquarters.
"I urge you all to commit yourselves for operation and maintainence for the sustainability of the project",the Deputy CAO Mr.Kaliisa Bigirwa Samuel said.This is a front loading project that will spur development in the entire area.
The LCIII Mr.Sam Serunjogi,Butalangu Town Council in his remarks mentioned that Nakaseke district has been facing a challenge of water scarcity. " l am thrilled to see that the community has finally been able to see a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel", said Mr.Sam Serunjogi.
The Government of Uganda (GoU) and African Development Bank (AfDB) is financing the construction of the Kiwoko-Butalangu piped Water Suppy and Sanitation System.
The project components whose physical progress stands at 73% will include: submersible pumps cubic metres per hour,  surface pumps, 3 phase power line extension to the pump stations, standby diesel generator, a reservoir  steel tank in Kiwoko and Katooke-Butalangu, pump control room and generator house, treatment house, guard houses, office block and sanitary facilities,720 promotional connections in Kiwoko, Public Stand Posts, water borne public toilets for both Kiwoko and Butalangu.