Implementation of Kikandwa-Kasambya Water Supply and Sanitation

The Government of Uganda and African Development Bank secured funding for the implementation of Kikandwa-Kasambya Water Supply and Sanitation System by the Water and Sanitation Development Facility-Central.
Kikandwa Water Supply and Sanitation System has been designed to serve an initial  population of 5,279 people by the year 2020 and 11, 706 people by the year 2040 with a maximum day demand of 2,64m3 and 6,29m3 respectively.
The systems' components include:
1. Solar systems
2. Water Treatment Unit
3. One water reservoir of 200m cubed cold pressed steel on dwarf walls.
4. 200 yard tap consumer promotional connections and 10 public stand posts.
5. 2 pump houses
6. 2 guard or operator houses
7. 1 office block with a water borne toilet.
8. 2 public water borne toilet

Among the areas to be served in the first Phase include: Kikandwa village,Kikandwa town, Ddalamba, Nakasozi and Makalizo.