Commissioning the Koboko Water supply and Sanitation System

President Museveni fulfils a Water pledge in Koboko district.

His Excellency the President of the Republic of Uganda today fulfilled his pledge to give the people of Koboko district a water supply system  when he commissioned the Koboko Water supply and Sanitation System Which was implemented by the Directorate of Water Development ( DWD) through the Urban Water and Sewerage Services department under the Ministry of Water and Environment (MWE) .
The president while giving his remarks thanked MWE for the tireless efforts to help him fulfill a pledge that he made to the people of Koboko.
The Ministry, secured funding from World Bank to implement a Water management and Development project ( WMDP) and selected beneficiary towns which include Lot1 ( Busia, kumi-Ngora, Nyero,  Paliisa towns)  and Lot 2 ( Rukungiri, Katwe-Kabatoro and Koboko towns).  One of this project goals is :
1. Improving the socio-economic standards of living of the people irrespective of the social statuses through the development and rehabilitation of infrastructure to enhance the provision of safe piped water sanitation services in an equitable and economically feasible manner.