The “National Framework for Operation and Maintenance of Rural Water Infrastructure in Uganda” provides the overall guidance in the management of rural water supply systems outside the jurisdiction of the public water utilities managed under or by National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) and Umbrella Authorities (UA).

The new framework focuses on professionalizing management of water facilities in rural areas by bringing on board new aspects to address the gaps in the current Community Based Management System (CBMS). The new approach referred to as CBMS+ is where the District Water Authority through the Water Supply Services Board (WSSB) formally outsources the O&M function to an entity called Area Service Provider (ASP) that operates on a contract management arrangement. The ASP might be a Private Sector Organisation (PSO) or Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), or the Hand Pump Mechanics Association (HPMA) with the requisite training, skills and experience.

The purpose of the O&M framework is to provide guidance, strengthen and streamline rural water O&M at all levels in order to ensure long-term sustainability of the rural water facilities and to ultimately guarantee safe water supply services to the end user.