Third Grant Agreement for the Republic of Uganda’s Redd+

Third Grant Agreement for the Republic Of Uganda’s Additional REDD+ Readiness Preparation Support Project (Tf0a5722) (July 2017- December 2019)

The Government of Uganda received additional funding from FCFP (FCFP-AF) amounting to US$ 3.75 million to support completion of REDD+ Readiness process between July 2017 – December 2019. The over-all development objective for the FCFP-AF is to contribute to the finalization of the design of a socially and environmentally viable national strategy for reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation as compared to a reference level.  The FCFP-AF will be implemented through five components.


  • Component        1: Coordination and Monitoring of the REDD+ Readiness Process
  • Component        2: Uganda REDD+ Gender strategy and Capacity building for Indigenous People’s Organisations
  • Component        3: Uganda's REDD+ Strategy and Implementation Plan; Safeguards Frameworks and Safeguards Information System
  • Component        4: REDD+ Implementation Frameworks (Emissions Reduction Programs)
  • Component        5: Development of the National Reference Scenario and Inventory of Forest Resources

 The expected outputs and deliverables from the FCPF-AF are shown in the table below;