Terms of Reference for Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

The IFPA-CD project is jointly developed and implemented by Ministry of Water and Environment (MWE) as the Lead Agency, Uganda Widlife Authority (UWA), National Forestry Authority and Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities.  The problem being addressed by this project is increased vulnerability of economic productivity, biodiversity and livelihoods to climate change effects due to declining forestry ecosystems goods and services. 

The project geographic area includes the Albert Rift and West Nile, with focus on target protected areas (7 National Parks, 4 Wildlife Reserves, 28 Central Forest Reserves) and 18 refugee host districts. The performance-based subsidy scheme for private plantation development under Component 2 will be national in scale.

The project aims to improve sustainable management of forests and protected areas and increase benefits from forests in target landscapes. This will be achieved by undertaking integrated interventions by Ministry of Water and Environment as well as Ministry of Tourism Wildlife and Antiquities, Uganda Widlife Authority, National Forestry Authority and targeted Districts Local Governments.  Technical Services Providers and Consultants will be hired by the implementing agencies to undertake specific tasks.