Economic Study 2016- Contribution of Water Development and Environment Resources to Uganda’s Economy

The importance of water and environmental resources is generally accepted; however the value of that importance in economic terms is not. Uganda’s economy is largely dependent on its stock of environmental and natural resources. Most sectors of the economy – including agriculture, which is Uganda’s mainstay – rely on environmental and natural resource goods and services to enhance their productivity, provide the necessary raw materials, and reduce the cost of public expenditure for providing the services in those sectors.  A rapidly growing population poses an increasing challenge to environmental and natural resources management, calling for greater efforts to ensure that these resources are sustainably managed for present and future generations.  To this end, it is important for the Ministry of Water and Environment (MWE) to establish and clearly articulate the contribution of the water and environment sector to economic growth and development. The objective of this assignment is to assess the economic value of water and environmental goods and services – and the costs of degradation and insufficient management action.  The  assessment will encompass both the value of water and the environment as resources to Uganda’s economy, as well as the specific contribution provided by MWE management. This will increase the appreciation for the need to soundly manage and develop these resources for future economic growth, and during budget requests, provide justification for maintaining or   ncreasing investment in the sector to the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development (MFPED).