Projects & Programmes


Farm Income Enhancement and Forestry Conservation (FIEFOC) Programme, with the objective to improve household incomes, food security and climate resilience through sustainable natural  resources management and agricultural enterprise development in 39 districts that form the watershed area of the identified five irrigation schemes.  This project builds on the first phase of a similar project.

WfP Centers

Water for Production (WfP) Centers for Eastern, North, Central and South West, for provision of water for productive use in livestock and aquaculture, while mitigating the effects of climate change through modern irrigation technology by establishing regional implementation and back-up support units in Mbale for Eastern Uganda and Karamoja Sub-region; Lira for Northern, West Nile and Upper Central Sub-Regions; and Mbarara for Lower Central Sub-Region and Western Uganda. Each of these is considered a separate project with a distinct code in the PIP.


Sawlog Production Grant Scheme Phase III (SPGS)

Objective: To increase incomes of rural population through commercial tree planting by medium and large scale private sector actors and the local communities, while at the same time helping to mitigate climate change effects through intensive afforestation.