Sector Performance Report 2015

The major sector achievements include the expansion of the management of water and sanitation services by the National Water & Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) from 66 to 110 towns by the end of June 2015. One major outcome of this expansion has been the significant increase in the number of new water connections (by new users) thereby increasing access to the safe water services, and also improvement in the overall sustainability of water services in these towns. As of June 2015, the population with access to safe water in the urban areas was 73%, whereas that in the rural areas increased to 65%. The national household latrine coverage improved from 74.6% to 77%.

The sustainability of water services in the small towns (outside the NWSC towns) has also improved to 92% (from the 89% which was reported last year). The improvement is largely due to back-up support for operations and maintenance which is being provided by regionally based Umbrella Organizations.