Consultancy Services For Design And Supervision Of Bulk Water Supply For Multi-Purpose Uses

The Government of the Republic of Uganda (GoU) has applied for loan financing from the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) towards the cost of the Multi-Purpose Water Use Project in Kiruhura District. The Government of the Republic of Uganda (GoU) intends to undertake Consultancy Services for Design and Supervision of Bulk Water Supply for Multi-Purpose uses Infrastructure and Facilities for Kikatsi- Sanga and Kanyaryeru in Kiruhura District, whose components are briefly described below: (i) The Consultant shall present an offer for Detailed Design (part A) and Supervision (Part B). Part A of the Contract will be financed by the Government of Uganda. (ii) Part B of the Contract shall  be subject to the approval by the Parliament of Uganda of the project after Detailed Design and the signing of the financing agreement between the GoU and AFD for the aforementioned project. Part B will be financed under AFD’s loan.