Details for MWE Ministerial Policy Statement FY 2012-2013

MWE Ministerial Policy Statement FY 2012-2013
Name:MWE Ministerial Policy Statement FY 2012-2013

Generally, this MPS upholds many of the good strategies and other initiatives introduced by Government over the past years. In the FY 2012/13, government will continue to improve access to and functionality of safe domestic water and sanitation facilities, increase storage capacity for water for production, safeguard quality and quantity for both the surface and underground water resources, continue to demarcate boundaries of wetlands, restore degraded ecosystems, focus on tree planting activities to enhance household income and soil fertility improvement as well as promoting integration of adaptation and mitigation in sector plans to address climate change effects. In addition, management of municipal solid waste will be scaled up for a clean, healthy and productive environment.

In the FY 2012/13, the budget for the Water and Environment Sector is Ush 391.09bn. The figure includes Ushs 296.426bn for vote 019-Ministry of Water and Environment, Ushs 5.68bn for vote 150-NEMA, Ushs 20.16bn for vote 157-NFA and Ushs 68.83bn for vote 501-850 as Local Governments (LGs) Conditional Grants. While there is a slight nominal increase in the sector allocation this FY, compared to the FY 2011/12, there are still a number of unfunded priorities, especially with regard to the environment management and regulatory services for the oil and gas exploration industry in Uganda budgeted at Shs 4.0bn.

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