Details for 2010 Water and Environment Sector Performance Report

2010 Water and Environment Sector Performance Report
Name:2010 Water and Environment Sector Performance Report

The Ministry of Water and Environment has prepared its Second Water and Environment Sector Performance Report for the FY 2009/10. This is a comprehensive report that gives a broad overview of status of the Water and Environment sector in Uganda and the progress made by Government to address the challenges related to sustainable natural resources management as well as the efficient provision and delivery of services. This year’s report is distinct and critical because it builds and seeks to consolidate the work and achievements of the preceding year while taking vital guidance from the National Development Plan (NDP). It is also anchored on data and analysis with respect to the access, functionality and equity of improved water supplies and sanitation, hygiene, per capita investment cost, water quality, water storage, gender and community management. It has captured essential information on Uganda’s Environment and Natural Resource base and efforts to ensure the continued provision of ecosystem services for the country.

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