Water for Production Department

Water for Production (WfP) refers to development and utilisation of water resources for productive use in crop irrigation, livestock, aquaculture, rural industries and other commercial uses.
Institutional Framework
The current mandate in WfP facilities in Uganda is a shared responsibility between MWE and MAAIF. MWE is responsible for "off farm" activities while MAAIF is responsible for "On Farm". "Off-farm" refers to development of water sources and transmission (bulk transfer) through closed conduits or canals to farm gates while "On-farm" refers to development of primary distribution and tertiary networks for irrigation systems and other on-farm irrigation infrastructure and works and water use management. download


Water for Production Projects

Projects being implemented by Water for Production Department

Bulk water supply strategy of pumping water from large water sources - The aim of this programme is to transfer water from areas of plenty to areas of scarcity in order to ensure adequate supply of water all year round for multi-purpose use. This is a countrywide strategy that will result in construction of bulk water supply schemes in various areas to ensure easy and reliable access to water for productive uses. Construction of the pilot scheme in Rakai District commences in the 4th quarter of FY2010/11. 

Water for Production Divisions

Water for Production Divisions

Water for production Department is comprised of two divisions, Planning and Quality Assurance and Development.

Planning and Quality Assurance Division

The Planning and Quality Assurance division is headed by an Assistant Commissioner, overseeing Planning and Quality Assurance with the responsibilities of;
Ensuring that the department plans are in harmony with the Directorate and Ministry plans,
Ensuring that the services are delivered in a cost effective and timely manner through implementation of appropriate internal controls,
Formulation and review of national policies for the water sector,
Undertaking design of water for production systems,
Provision of technical assistance for the operation and maintenance of Water for Production systems and related capacity building activities to line ministries and local Government,
Knowledge management, administration and networking.

Development Division

The Development division is headed by an Assistant Commissioner, with the main activities of;-
Constructing designed Water for Production facilities,
Participation in review of designs of Water for Production systems,
Provision of technical assistance to line Ministries and local Government in development aspects
Formulation and review of national policies for the water sector in the development aspects,
Knowledge management, administration and networking in development aspects.