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Information to the General Public, May 2011

As a result of various articles that have appeared in the media referring to selling and leasing of lakes and water bodies in Uganda by government to private companies, the Ministry of Water and Environment would like to provide information to the public on how water bodies should be utilised and managed in Uganda. Read press statement: Information to the general public, May 2011  

JWESSP 2013-2018

The Ministry of Water and Environment informs the public that the process of preparing the next 5-years Donor /Government programme has reach a state where all the documents have been completed and uploaded to  this homepage. Final approval is expected in April or May 2013. Download final Programme Document here:

JTR 2016 Agreed Minutes-Signed

The 8th Joint Technical Review for the Water and Environment sector was held from 12th -14th April 2016 at Bomah Hotel in Gulu. A total of 158 people attended the review. read more here...

Programme for the 8th Annual JSR 2016

 Programme for the 8th Annual Joint (Gou/Development Partners) Review of the Water and Environment Sector September 27th to 29th 2016 at Speke Resort Munyonyo, Kampala download programme here!


Welcome the the Ministry of Water and Environment homepage. The Website has been redesigned and new information and files are uploaded regularly so please check frequently for updates and information.

Of the many important documents uploaded are the Water Atlas, Minutes from JSR 2012, the SIP 2009, updated in 2010, and many other water adn environment sector documents. Presently (November 2012) more than 200 sector documents and reports are available for download. The MWE Noticeboard is also regularly updated with important news and events. MWE / November 2012.