Water for Production Projects

Projects being implemented by Water for Production Department

Bulk water supply strategy of pumping water from large water sources - The aim of this programme is to transfer water from areas of plenty to areas of scarcity in order to ensure adequate supply of water all year round for multi-purpose use. This is a countrywide strategy that will result in construction of bulk water supply schemes in various areas to ensure easy and reliable access to water for productive uses. Construction of the pilot scheme in Rakai District commences in the 4th quarter of FY2010/11. 

 Leya Dam in ApacStrategic Interventions Program for Export Promotion in the Agricultural Sector - Under the above program, 52 valley tanks have been constructed and commissioned. These are of capacities ranging from 6000 m3 to 10,000 m3 at parish level in the districts of Luwero (9No.), Nakasongola (8No.), Mbarara (8No.), Kyenjojo (1No.), Rakai (9No.), Masindi (8No) and Sembabule District (9No.). These valley tanks have greatly improved the water for livestock storage in those respective areas. 

Rehabilitation of old dams- The Government is also in the process of rehabilitating old dams as a means of increasing water capacities in dry areas.  So far Kakinga dam and Bwanalaki dam in Sembabule district have been successfully rehabilitated and rehabilitation of Kailong dam in Karamoja region is substantially complete.

Construction of dams and valley tanks - The Government through the Ministry of Water and Environment is implementing several activities to increase water storage for agricultural and multipurpose use throughout the country. Construction of the facilities below is ongoing in various districts around the country and upon completion; all the facilities shall create storage capacity of over 10 million cubic meters.

  • i. Construction of Rubaare valley tank in Ntungamo District
  • ii. Construction of Kailong dam in Kotido District
  • iii. Construction of Nshenyi Valley tank in Ntungamo District
  • iv. Construction of Leye dam in Apac District
  • v. Construction of Mayikalo dam in Sembabule District
  • vi. Extension of a piped water supply scheme in Sembabule District
  • vii. Construction of Lutunku and Kisozi valley tanks in Sembabule District
  • viii. Construction of Obwongyerero and Kagamba valley tank in Isingiro District
  • ix. Construction of Kagango dam in Isingiro District
  • x. Construction of Akwera dam in Lira District
  • xi. Construction of Longoromit dam in Kaabong District
  • xii. Construction of Kobebe dam in Moroto District
  • xiii. Construction of Arechet dam in Moroto District
  • xiv. Construction of Kawomeri dam in Abim District
  • xv. Construction of Olelpec and Olamia dam in Apac District<
  • xvi. Establishment of appropriate management systems and enhancing capacity for key stakeholders in water for production management for the constructed facilities.
Provide irrigation facilities in the drought prone areas - The Ministry of Water and Environment is in the process of developing an irrigation master plan. Currently, the Ministry is overseeing reconstruction of four irrigation schemes of Mobuku in Kasese District, Doho in Butaleja District, Agolo in Kitgum District and Orweny in Lira District under the Farm Income Enhancement Forestry Conservation (FIEFCO) Project.
National Desilting Programme - The Government targets to rehabilitate one hundred and two (102) old strategic reservoirs that were constructed in the 1940’s and 1950’s with an aim of increasing national storage capacity. To this effect a cost-effective plan to rehabilitate old facilities has been developed.
Water for Production Construction Equipment - The Department has procured three sets of small valley tank construction unit based in Kiruhura, Lyantonde and Karamoja region. Each unit is composed of an excavator, a dozer and dumper, a compactor with a water bowser in Karamoja region. Kiruhura Unit has so far created 275,000m3 to-date. A set of equipment has been deployed in Lyantonde District and construction commences in April 2011. A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between the Ministry of Water and Environment and the Prime Minister’s office to use the Karamoja unit to construct 44 valley tanks in Karamoja region each with 10,000m3 capacity.
Capacity Building - Building capacity of all water for production stakeholders to ensure efficient and effective implementation of Water for Production activities.
Technical Assistance - The department provides technical assistance to line ministries and local Government. Currently the department is providing technical assistance in construction of valley tanks and dams under NLPIP in MAAIF and construction of irrigation schemes under FIEFCO in MAAIF.