Uganda Water Supply Atlas

Uganda has a new Water supply Atlas providing information of water supply coverage, functionality and distribution. The Water Atlas can be viewed or downloaded from this site. Please click on the image to view or download required national or district information.

uganda Water Supply AtlasThis Water Supply Atlas 2010 has been prepared to provide stakeholders with good knowledge and information on matters concerning the current safe water supply coverage, functionality and distribution of water among others.

Acknowledgment goes to all the staff of the Ministry of Water & Environment especially the Management Information System Unit, Technical Support Units (TSUs) and staff of the National Water & Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) who committed their invaluable time and effort towards the update and subsequent production of the Water Supply Atlas 2010.

We also would like to acknowledge the contribution from the 79 District Local Governments that funded the data collection using their District Water and Sanitation Conditional Grant, the approximately one thousand district water and extension staff involved in data collection in the field and the consultants who worked tirelessly to have this Atlas produced.

The Ministry of Water and Environment is grateful to the Water and Sanitation sub-sector Development Partners (Denmark, Sweden, and Austria) who provided the required funds through the Joint Partnership Fund. The Austrian Development Cooperation is also appreciated for their additional support for provision of consultancy services in the field of GIS (database and map development). Special thanks go to UNICEF for the support it offered towards the printing of this Water Supply Atlas 2010. It is sincerely hoped that this Atlas will be a very useful tool for all stakeholders towards improving the efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery, reporting and accountability in the water and sanitation sub-sector. Link to download Water Atlas files.