Directorate of Water Development

The Directorate of Water Development (DWD) is responsible for providing overall technical oversight for the planning, implementation and supervision of the delivery of urban, rural water and sanitation services, and water for production across the country. DWD is responsible for regulation of provision of water supply and sanitation and the provision of capacity development and other support services to Local Governments, Private Operators and other service providers.

Directorate of Environmental Affairs

The Directorate of Environmental Affairs (DEA) is responsible for environmental policy, regulation, coordination, inspection, supervision and monitoring of the environment and natural resources as well as the restoration of degraded ecosystems and mitigating and adapting to climate change. DEA comprised the three departments of Environmental Support Services (DESS), Forestry Sector Support Department (FSSD) and Wetlands Management (WMD).

Water Resource Management

The Directorate of Water Resources Management (DWRM) is responsible for managing, monitoring and regulating of water resources through issuing water use, abstraction and wastewater discharge permits; Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) activities; coordinating Uganda’s participation in joint management of transboundary water resources and peaceful cooperation with Nile Basin riparian countries.